Sad space baby.

Currently cock gobblers

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Doncamatic (feat. Daley)

Gorillaz & Daley ⋅ The Singles Collection (2001-2011) [Deluxe Version]

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talk to me, talk to me, talk to me

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i love drawing this ship
because im good at drawing elsa and merida

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-hugs- I’m so sorry this whole thing blew up, I’ve had a couple of my gifs reposted before but never this bad, sigh, the majority of tumblr sucks sometimes

It’s disheartening!!! It’s a misunderstanding or something but it’s still… augh. Whateva whateva. Obviously it means we’re just totally amazing gifmakers and everyone wishes they could be us

well they changed the source to the proper blog anyway

won the battle lost the war

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I love working hard on something and having it hijacked and mocked. I especially love when the people doing it are the ones now getting credit for something I worked hard on

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