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This is what a REAL rape prevention campaign looks like

All the awards.


This is perfection in a campaign

I love how they included a situation where a guy could’ve gotten raped. People don’t seem to realize that males get raped too. It’s less common, but it happens. That is what sets this campaign apart from others. 

It’s the first anti-rape post I reblog, It’s well made.

Always reblog.


I have 2 young boys and even though they are nowhere near the age to have a talk about sex and/or rape culture, one thing I impress upon them all the time when they are playing fighting or whatever is that even if someone says yes in the beginning, if the other person says no then you stop immediately.  A yes at the start is not blanket permission to continue no matter what, a no is a no is a no and that is more important than any yes that came before.

WELL FEMINISM YOU TRIED! Better luck next time. If you’re interested in learning about EQUALITY, and how it isn’t ONLY MALES who rape, but in fact 40% OF RAPES ARE COMMITTED BY FEMALES, I’d direct you to this post. It has links to explanations and more sources that your wazoo can handle. Oh, but I doubt you’d be interested in learning about such things because GOSH, it’s just insane to believe that on average (including in prison, because, you know, not everyone who goes to prison are crazy murderers deserving of rape) men are raped more than woman, and often times by them!!!!! Gosh, did I mention that it is possible for a woman to rape another woman, too? You might want to consider that as your first step to admitting that rape isn’t exclusive to male on female penetration.

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